Sunday, August 05, 2007

Corally SP12X : Front End

Corally SP12X and the Associated Front End

In the UK we pretty much all use the Associated (AE) front end on the Corally SP12X. To be honest, I have never run the Corally one that comes in the box, pretty as it is! If the AE is what the World Champion uses then thats good enough for me!

I had enough Associated bits left over to build a front end up but you can now purchase the complete front end conversion kit from Corally as a "blueprinted" set. The part number for this is 75950 and its called the "12X WC Front suspension conversion kit". More details are here:

The chassis is predrilled to take the AE front arms so you will have no problems here.

You do have to drill two new servo mount holes in the chassis 8mm back from the rearmost set that are drilled as standard. To do this you will want a sharp 3mm drill and countersink bit. Remember carbon fibre really kills cutting tools!

The exact lateral (sideways!) location of the holes depends on the servo you use. Try to leave the servo mount posts a little wide (by say 2mm) so you can adjust the servo position to get it exactly in the centre. Think and double check yourself. It is important the the servo drive spline ends up crack on the centre line of the car.

If you need good instructions on how to build an AE front end accurately, you will find then in this blog... read on.

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