Sunday, August 05, 2007

SP12X T-Bar Setup

Credit for this info to Peter Winton and Roger Manwaring

OK.... the T bar that comes in the Corally SP12X kit as standard is a 2mm piece. This is the one I think most people run in the UK on our "medium bite" carpet conditions but with two minor deviations.
Firstly the more recent Corally 2mm Tbars were strengthened which made them slightly stiffer. I am advising that you modify the T bar by filing away some of the material as shown in black on the following pictures. You can see below with one side only done to reveal the difference.

I use a set of small "diamond" grit files to do this (get them from most craft shops) as carbon and glass fibre ruins carbon steel tools. Keep the curve libe in the T bar as shown so as to not introduce a stress point.
Secondly, when you install the T bar, do not use the glass fibre spacer that comes in the kit. Use two washers of 1.6mm thickness or chop the little round ends off the spacer supplied in the kit to make the "washers". The idea is to keep a little more flex in the rear part of the T-Bar.

Also DO NOT install the centre screw. This stops the flex we want and I have seen the centre screw wreck the motor pod carbon under tray when and if the T-Bar breaks in a crash. Leave it out!

Photo on the left above shows the centre screw out.
Photo on the right. Two spare parts that all SP12X drivers should carry! Mine are as yet unused ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Being completely new to 1/12 pan cars (mainly 1/10 touring), this is a great guide!

I bought a serpent S120 and this guide really helped me with the main chassis seating higher issue.

The only thing I didn't realize is that not all spur gears work. They require ball differential spur gears.

In addition usage of mini servo, Gear spur and pinion gear sizes, and different tires types and care would be helpful depending on track surface.

Mainly, just what would you use that works for you might help a 1/12 scale entry level learn what to parts to buy is extremely helpful.