Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mark joins Corally Team. SP12X

Changing To Corally

I had to try something different! Since winning the 2005/2006 F2 19T and Modified Championships in the UK, my first year (2006/2007) as an F1 driver was not great to be honest. I like to improve and feel I am making progress but had hit a brick wall. I had a bad Worlds followed by a bad Euros and started to loose confidence.

Going Backwards

I seemed to be going backwards with the CRC. I had the 3.2R with the ABP chassis running really well but the move to GenX was not working for me. In fact I had my best results last year with a CRC T-Fource. There are many many top drivers doing well with the GenX but I think we have a particular problem in the UK with lower traction (compared to the US) which suit’s a T Bar car over a link car.

The Final Straw

The final straw was at the first of the Chesterfield summer events where I left the meeting in an internal frustrated temper before the finals. I have never left an RC race even when having a bad day…..

Watching the Competition

Remember that I am only an ok_to_good driver and I think a lot of the problems ended up in my head. Either way … it was time for a change. I had been watching Roger Manwaring in the UK put the Corally SP12X down and instantly appear to be smooth and precise. I must admit that I am a little influenced by David Spashett also! With other upper mid-field F1 drivers including Rambo (Michael Ramsbottom) and Mark Jewitt doing well (and getting away from me) and rising stars like Chris Kerswell and Matt White making A finals, I decided on the Corally (what a terrible sheep I am!)

So here it is…. I will be updating the 12th blog with more Corally specifics as I learn them.
Many thanks to Pete Winton, Roger Manwaring and David Spashett who have got me hitting the ground running. Two meetings later and I have this huge smile on my face once again.

For people new to 1/12th in the UK (I am meeting quite a few on my travels!), I would point you to Action Model Centre. They support our national series and have all 1/12th stuff in stock. They also do a good price on the SP12X!

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