Friday, April 02, 2010

Serpent S120 Link Build Tips: Dont Tweak The Tweak Brace!

My tips for mounting the mono shock to the cross brace are as follows.
1. Make sure the alloy carriers are an easy fit onto the cross brace. Open up the the holes in the carbon if neccesary to enure the ally carriers "fall" into place without forcing.
2. Ensure the mono shock shaft fits between the carriers without any twisting or stress. The shaft should locate in the carrier indents without bending the carbon brace in any way. Work the tollerences by opening up the location holes and screw holes with a file if things are tight.
3. Find some plastic washers as shown above to clamp down onto the shaft. This will allow the shaft to seat without being twisted as you tighten down the clamp screws.

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