Friday, April 02, 2010

Accurate Side Spring Placement. The Tweak Bar

It seems to be the case that the correct starting point for the side spring position on the link car is to just have it touching down onto the link arms.

To achieve a predictable "touch down" it is important to have the spring's tweak screw nice and true to the cross brace. If the tweak screw goes in square to the brace then there is a chance the spring will be square to the chassis and link arm.

What I do is to use an M3 die to form an accurate positioning tool for the tweak screw.

This is laid down on the tweak brace as I thread the screw down it to ensure I start to cut the thread at right angles to the brace. A little black grease is used on the thread to aid a clean cut into the carbon.

See the result?..... Nice! If you can do this by eye, then good luck to you!

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