Friday, April 02, 2010

Serpent S120 Link Build: Getting the Main Pivot Just Right

I am tring to get two things right here.
Firstly I found that the main chassis was sitting higher than the rear pod in terms of ride height. The error was about 0.3mm in my case. To get this just right and end up with a "flat" chassis including the pod, I decided to grind a little off of the pivot ball.

As a check I am suggesting that the target for the overall length of the ball and shoulder is 4.70 mm as seen below.

Secondly, in my opinion there is too much play in the seating of the ball in the pivot mouldings. I want to be able to use the clamping screws "just" tighten down onto the ball and then back off a fraction. To get this a little more accurate I am grinding away the top surface of the main lower moulding and taking some off the lip of the lower moulding to create a tighter fit as shown.

I found I needed to get the top moulding down to about 3.50mm for it to sit into the lower moulding. Remember I have also removed material from the top of the lower moulding.

Sorry if this is all a bit picky but it is in my nature!

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