Tuesday, August 15, 2017

RC12R6 First Impressions and Build Tips.

Centre Pivot Genius

The first thing you are going to notice the the ingenious centre pivot. The pivot ball push-clicks into a holder that is then slides into an alloy surround that is bolted to the main chassis.

Associated Genius Centre Pivot

The alloy outer allows the ball carrier freedom to move forward and backward slightly without creating a locking force on the pivot. Now the rear pod has correct, unbinding rotation. The shortening effect of the side links can no longer lock the pod and a crash cannot tweak it.

David Spashett designed the Delrin "Zen Slot" for LMP cars that was a fair attempt at this idea. However I found that under a big hit this would pull itself out and damage the ball holder so I gave in on it.

The original Zen Slot

The new Associated push in ball worried me at first for similar reasons but once inserted into the alloy holder the flex needed to pop the ball out is eliminated and it is not coming out.

12th racers spend half their "sad pit lives" chasing pod tweak around so this is going to be a revelation for all.

Zen Racing have made a retrofit alloy outer that has the standard "Associated" hole centres, this is purchased with the Associated AS4728 carrier to make this solution available to most link cars.

New Zen carrier suits all cars with Associated spacing
Part ZENA118

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