Sunday, November 28, 2010

Up-rated 7075 Serpent 120 Rear Pod Bulkheads from On Point Racing

On Point Car with Orange Bulkheads
 Left is Paul Ciccarello's car featuring strenghtened 7075 alloy rear pob bulkheads in orange.

The standard kit S120 bulkheads are a work of art but are not made from the strongest alloy from what I can tell. The motor side plate is prone to bending. I have had some success in bending them back but it is tricky to get right.

Comparing Standard (silver) and On Point (black) parts
 The On Point parts are available in black or orange. The rear brace is I think just the Serpent part re-anodised but the real deal is with the pod plates themselves.

The pic left shows that the On Point parts have thicker webs, especially around the motor mount holes. They are also made from the best 7075 T6 alloy.

My car with On Point pods fitted.
Paul Ciccerello from On Point Racing (USA) manufactures specialist parts for the Serpent 120L car including damper tube conversion kits, a dedicated LIPO Chassis and stonger uprated rear pod bulkheads.

Paul can be contacted at

European distribution of Paul's On Point products is via Markus Mobers at Markus is at

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