Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andy Moore's 12th Damper Trick

I picked up this tip at the 2009 1/12th Euros in Italy. I had the pleasure of pitting with Andy and John Moore. My meeting was a total disaster but I came away with one thing having stolen Andy's HB C12X a few times to try and work out why mine was soooo bad!

This trick uses self adhesive teflon tape to make the damper plate and damper discs on a traditional Associated type rear end as smooth and consistent as possible. You get great damping without snatching.

The tape is hideously expensive (£50 per roll!). If you are in the UK and want to come to one of our nationals, I will give you some!

So... its easy. You degrease your carbon damper plate and stick an oversized piece of the teflon tape to the top and bottom surfaces.

Next cut out the hole in the middle with a sharp scapell knife. Finally use one of the damper discs as a template to cut around to trim the teflon tape to the same size as the damper disc itself

Job done. Reassemble and use your normal damping lubricant (Associated diff grease in my case). Hey presto! Feel the smoothness ;-)

Thanks to Andy Moore for the idea. Now you know......

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Anonymous said...

Thx for sharing.
I'm glad you decided to write again in your blog, because it was my best resource when I started 1-12th.